AM CH, NO CH, DK CH, RH pE LOF Liepzig sg 2012
Aras de Bruine Buck

HD A/A    ED 0/0    Eyes Clear

Born: 2006.12.30

Aras is a wonderful dog, very social and happy to people. He is active when required but can relax fully when needed. He has a special dance that he shows when he has to charm a bitch and then you can't help laughing at him. He's a real clown.
He has a fantastic temperament which he showed when he, as the only Groenendael, got "met LOF" on the character test in the Netherlands in 2011. He also passed the French mental test with excellent result in biting, shooting and the social test.

Aras is of ideal size, i.e. 64 cm, he is elegant in type with plenty of coat, dark eyes, high set ears and a fantastic head. Unfortunately, he lacks pigmentation in the mouth but I hope Axa
inherits her's to the puppies when she is very black on the lips and around the teeth.
Aras trains and competes in agility and he's highly qualified in show.

Aras is also the father of my C-litter. They were only 4 but very nice. Sweet and happy, elegant and very much alike their father so I felt I must use him again but this time on a heavier bitch.

Aras lives at Cichla's kennel in Norway.



Biting, shooting and social test in France 2012
Aras passed every part of it with excellent results.









Aras to the left, Photo: Rebekka Stewart






Owner:  AnneTove and Morten Jensen, Cichla's kennel, Norway


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