1996.10.02  -  2010.09.10



I went to Holland in December 1996 to help a friend to chose a male puppy from Gailly van't Belgisch Schoon and Jason de la Douce Plaine. When we arrived to Barry and Angela Barbé there was a big litter of 10 or 11 puppies and one of the females wasn't booked. She was small and tiny with wide set ears, pinched nose and very much white. I called Anders and asked if I could buy her and he said: "Well, do that but only for the reason she will keep the male puppy company in quarantine".
So, we bought ugly Chili and
she grew up into a beautiful swan :-)

Chili gave us four lovely litters. P-litter with Pascha and Pastelle, Q-litter with Qobra and Quincy, S-litter with Saphin, Sharif, Savoy, Sibelle and Soya and U-litter with Ucci and Urza.

Chili will be remembered for a long, long time to come through her children and grandchildren. She has put a stamp of generations.