Various pictures


Breeders Challenge in South Africa, May 2017: A-Te-Ell's El Drago (of Grundebel), A-Te-Ell's Fanta (for Beitshemesh) and A-Te-Ell's Hunter.(for Beitshemesh)
My family; sister, father, my self, mother, daughter, sister in law and brothter, summer 2015.
A gift from Errol when Fanta got her Champion title.
A-Te-Ell's Madame Zinja, Revloch Fashion and Skeppsklockans Grazia. Winter 2015
Carro and I, dinner at Greta's
an October day in Prague
Axa BOB and Pascha BOS and best veteran at an open show in May 2012. Judge: Morten Nilsen
Chili, Ugine, Greco, Soya, Virus and Pascha
Pascha, Virus, Yazza, Soya, Vinny and Zinja
Axa BOB and Yoda BOS at the international show at Åland/Finland
Carro and Pascha
Greco, Soya, Eazy and Grazia
Pascha and Soya
Bonzai, Zinja and Cleo
Qobra, Ucci, Soya and Pascha
Grazia and Zinja