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Holland 2003 Holliday in Portugal 2005 Philippshof residence
Estoril 2005, Breed specialty Holliday in Portugal 2007 October festival in Münich, 2010
Estoril 2005, All Breed show Lisbon Zoo, 2007  
Finland 2005, breed specialty Holliday in Gibraltar and Portugal 2014 CZECK REPUBLIC
Finland 2006, breed specialty Lisbon Zoo, 2014 Prague in October 2012
Södertälje 2006, Working dog show Grazia and Buffy at the beach in Caparica in 2014 Prague in December 2014
SBU 2006, breed specialty    
Hemsedal/Norway 2007, breed specialty AUSTRALIA POLAND
Lisbon 2007, Winner dog show Holliday and dog show 2002 Krakow by Christmas 2015
Circuit WDS 2008 Fun around the Illawara dog show 2008 Auschwitz & Birkenau 2015
Illawarra (Sydney) 2008  (pics by Carro) Blue Montains 2008  
Melbourne 2008  (pics by Carro) Fitzroy Falls 2008 SCOTLAND
France 2009, breed speciality BlowHole and Jamberoo 2008 Edinburgh 2018
France 2012, breed speciality Faetherdale Zoo 2008  
Gibraltar Rock Show, 2014 Galvins Bed & Breakfast 2008 USA
Dog Show in Alentejo, 2014 Great Barrier Reefe 2008 Florida 2020
France 2015, breed speicality Port Douglas 2008  
  Kuranda 2008  
OTHER COMPETITIONS Narooma, Tomakin and Bermagui 2008 VARIOUS PICTURES
Agility-WC Austria 2009 Bridgeclimbing 2008 Autumn 2007
Agility-SM Mingelbilder 2010 Sydney Wild Life World 2008 Viking tour 2008
Agility-WC Germany 2010 Various Down Under 2008 EuroPolis 2009
Agility-WC Prague 2012 Darwin 2013 One night in Kuala Lumpur, 2008
  Brisbane, Sunshine Coast  & Whale Safari 2013 Girl Party / Tjejmiddag 2009
VARIOUS PICTURES OF DOGS Brisbane, Underwater World 2013 Girl Party / Tjejmiddag 2010
Virus is training Australia Zoo, 2013 Kolmården Zoo 2010
Zinja is learning how to swim Various in Sydney, 2013 Flowers
Belgians meeting at Gärdet in 2009 Dingo Sanctuary, 2013 Concrete statues
Various Dogs of any breeds Birds in Australia, 2013 En helg i Misterhult
Soya, Greco and Sibelle. Kiama Blowhole, 2013 Various pictures
Autumn walk in the Dogs Island Narooma, 2013 Wild birds
  Bermagui, 2013 Summer weekend in Gustavsbo
HOLLAND Mating Fashion 2015 Lake Entrance, 2013  
Bed & Breakfast in Ommen Perth, 2013 PEOPLE
Walking the dogs   My family
Storks SWEDEN My friends
Walk in the sun in Ommen Roadtrip / Skåne 2020 People I know
    Various pictures of me
Bologna and Lake Garda, 2015    
Roadtrip / wedding trip 2019    



My two favourite countries in the world.