12 years old and still absolutely stunning



Greco is swimming

This is the 11:th time and he's swimming 2x12 minutes with 1 minute of rest in between.


Lizzen's granddaughter Mila performs a health check on Greco

Ears, nice and clean   Hmmm, nothing seems to be wrong in the rear either   No food scraps left irritating the corner of the mouth. Very good.   Finally, she checked that all the teeth were in place and they were. Great!


He swims in three workouts with rest periods in between.
After six times he swims for 4 minutes/pass with 2-minute rest periods.

Resting for a few minutes

Afterwards he gets massage/stretching Finally he gets dried with a hairdrier



Lizz, Magic and Greco, summer 2009


10,5 years old


Greco has a little cold :-)


Greco 10 years old.



9,5 years old


9 years old



Greco 8,5 years old.   Handler Eva Virolainen, thank you !








Greco is the King of the girls (Xurits Cessa, Xurits Barba, Vaquita's Ginza)  
and the master of the west coast! Just click to enlarge the pictures.




Sanna & Greco August 2002. Photo: Carin Lyrholm  Cessa is waiting for Greco's stick. Photo: Carin Lyrholm  Greco is waiting for next run. Photo: Carin Lyrholm




Greco & Sanna heeling